Whatever your assets, modest or great, self-made or inherited, you owe it to your family to put your affairs in good order for the sake of the survivors.


Every adult needs a Will to properly distribute their assets at death to the proper intended beneficiaries.  If you die without a Will the costs and complexity of administering your estate increases about ten times.  It is so simple to make a Will.  It is being considerate to others.  It is good use of your money.  Why don’t you contact us today.


Probate is the formal proof of the last Will of a deceased person. To obtain a grant of Probate from the Supreme Court, there are many formal steps that need to be taken. We have a great deal of experience in assisting clients during these difficult times in their lives and we can administer the estate of your family member in a caring, trouble free, sympathetic manner. Our solicitors are able to deal with the probate efficiently and quickly thus unburdening you of these rigorous legal tasks.

Intestate Estates:

If a deceased person did not leave a Will they are said to have died “Intestate” and their estate will be divided as prescribed by the “Intestacy Rules”. Formal legal steps are required for a suitable family member to be appointed as the Administrator of the deceased’s estate.