Madsen Law: Your divorce lawyer in Brisbane South

Separation & Divorce

The breakdown of a relationship is an upsetting and emotional time.

There are many practical and legal issues which we will be able to help you deal with. All family breakdown legal issues are unique as are the individuals concerned.

Our team of experienced divorce lawyers offer extensive and expert advice and are wholly focussed on helping you through these difficulties. You will find your divorce lawyer sympathetic and sensitive to the issues you are facing. Most importantly, we support you with practical and clear advice to deal with these issues and the decisions you have to make throughout. You will find us robust in our dealings with other professionals on your behalf. Our absolute commitment is to keep in mind the best outcome for you, and your children.

If you believe your marriage has broken down, you may want to consider whether or not to start divorce proceedings, or for de facto couples you may wish to separate. Come and talk to us. Often we help our clients make clear and informed decisions about whether or when to separate or divorce.

We deal with many situations which are financially complex, whether the sums involved are substantial or not. One of our strengths is in dealing with difficult decisions concerning children, including cases with an international context. We can help if you need protection from violence or harassment; a divorce lawyer from our Brisbane South office can take immediate action on your behalf.

If you are affected by the situations we describe, and want further help, contact a specialist divorce lawyer at Madsen Law.