Some Do’s and Don’ts of WILL Writing!

April 15, 2019 Madsen Law

DON’T produce a will yourself! Corrections and errors in a Will can make it invalid and much more expensive to prove the Will is valid. DON’T have a beneficiary as a witness in ...

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Want To Sell Your Business?

February 1, 2019 Madsen Law

A “going concern” is an Australian Tax Office (“ATO”) intervention that allows the sale of a business to be a GST free transaction.  It is always highly desirable to both the Buyer ...

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Why You Should Make A Will

January 23, 2019 Madsen Law

A case was decided in December of 2018 in the Supreme Court of Queensland which provided some more good reasons why you should have a Solicitor to prepare your Will. Mr Schwer died ...

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Conveyancing Made Easy At Madsen Law

January 22, 2019 Madsen Law

Looking for legal advice? Needing someone to help make buying or selling easy? Looking for the #1 in customer service - look no further! Madsen Law has actively been doing conveyancing for the ...

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