Our Purpose

My name is David Madsen. My wife and I are the owners of Madsen Law.

Madsen Law is based in the city of Logan on the M1. We have been providing legal services for Brisbane South, Logan and Northern Gold Coast regions since 2005. Madsen Law was established for the singular purpose of protecting your Business, your Family and your Future.

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Here's what others think about MadsenLaw

I just want to publicly say Thank You! to Madsen Law for helping me with my Conveyancing. I was a bit overwhelmed purchasing my first home but the staff at Madsen Law made me sure that they had it

Madsen Law is a very professional legal firm that helped me with my family law issues in a sensitive and compassionate manner. I highly recommend David and Tarryn, as they have years of experience

We are so grateful to Madsen Law and especially Lachlan for all his help with the purchase of our new home! We were kept informed and in the loop every step of the way.

It's Natural to have questions

Don’t worry - here are some of the questions we receive the most here at Madsen Law.

If your question is not on the list then you can get in touch and we can talk over the phone.

  • We were never married. What rights do I have?

    If you are not married then you may or may not have the same rights as people who are married depending upon the date of your separation. The date of separation also determines which court you can bring your claim in. There are strict time limits after the date of separation within which you must have commenced your court proceedings. There are other legal paths you can take, but you do need to get clear advice on these, which we can offer you.

  • How much will it cost?

    Our fees are based on rates which vary according to the experience of the team member who is working on your case. We are considered to be very competitive compared to other Brisbane firms. We will discuss the likely total costs and how you can best manage the payments. We want to reach a resolution as cost-efficiently as possible.

  • Should I bring anything with me for the first meeting?

    We ask for photo Id to verify who you are. A driver’s licence is what most people have for this.

    If you are coming for a Family Law Separation Matter then the date of separation is important to know. Sometimes it helps to write notes about your situation you wish to communicate to your lawyer.

    Before your first appointment it can help to write down the pressing questions you wish to have answered by the lawyer. This can help you clarify your key concerns and remind you to ask these questions at the appointment.

  • How long will it take?

    This is usually the first question our clients ask. The divorce process itself usually takes between 2 to 3 months, but it often takes longer to resolve the property issues. Every situation depends on the level of complexity and the willingness or otherwise of the partners to resolve their issues. Our aim is to reach a resolution as efficiently as possible.

  • Should I talk to a Psychologist or a Relationship Counsellor?

    A marriage or relationship breakdown will cause significant emotional stress and conflict. This does make it difficult to make important life decisions and to respond appropriately to unexpected events or disappointments. Our role is to help you manage your legal conflict. Sometimes it is sensible to seek out help to manage your emotions or to cope with the stress of changes to your lives. This is where the skill and expertise of a Psychologist or a Relationship Counsellor can help you. Please contact us if you would like a referral.

  • Why should I see a Family Lawyer?

    To know with certainty what you are entitled to: It is not uncommon for the dominant party to tell the other what he or she will get, or what a Court will do, or what is fair. Often this is little more than bullying or manipulation. It is also common for the family wealth to be controlled by only one party and for this power imbalance to be used to intimidate and isolate the other party. A good Family Lawyer will stand up and fight to protect you. Also family law is a unique area of law requiring specialist knowledge of the law, particularly the Family Law Act, as well as specialist problem solving skills.

  • Do I have to leave the family home if we separate?

    No! Some people choose to remain living under the same roof, albeit living separate lives, until they have sorted out their finances.

  • Can my partner and I meet with a Lawyer together?

    No. Lawyers meet with clients individually. As a general rule, a lawyer can only act for one party in a family law dispute.

  • Will I have to go to Court?

    In many cases we are able to help clients resolve their difficulties out of Court. At your initial interview, the different options, the time frames and the costs involved are explained so that you can choose which pathway is right for you.

Have you got any questions? Get in Touch.